Lust Series

:::: Chapter 7 – Out with the old, In with the new::::

“Finally” mike said as he let out an exhausted sigh.He was finally home after one of the longest and most interesting days of his life. Not only did he sleep with his current girlfriend’s best friend twice but he had just come from helping his Bestfriend who had an even crazier day. 

Mike walked into the kitchen and grabbed a Gatorade from the fridge. He dropped his laptop on the couch and turned on the television. 

“They killed another unarmed black man I see. Shit just don’t stop” mike thought to himself as he changed the channel in disgust. 

Mike turned his head when he heard keys in the door. In walked ReneĆ©, Mike’s girlfriend. 

“Hey babe” Mike said, almost as if asking a question. 

Renee ignored him and walked past him, stepping over his legs as she headed to the room.

Mike was done, she had zero right to have an attitude just because he couldn’t afford a stupid trip for her. 

Mike entered the room with his chest out, determined to tell Renee about herself and that he was done with her.

“Renee, I do- -” mike was interrupted by the sight of her packing her things into a suitcase. 

“Look mike this ain’t working out. I’ve tried to make this work for you but honestly, you don’t deserve me.” Renee said coldly. 

“I’m tired of having to deal with your constant budgeting and shit like that. I’m a princess. I deserve the finer things in life. Not struggle” Renee continued. 

Mike was floored. He could have never imagined that Renee, no matter how cold she was, would ever say something like this to him. 

Renee lugged the large bag from the bed and walked past a speechless Mike. 

Mike sat on the bed as he heard the door shut. While he knew this was for the better he couldn’t help but dwell on the fact that the woman he loved for so many years left him. He had sacrificed so much for her. 

Mike pulled out his cell phone to send a text 

“She’s gone. She left me and took her things…” my typed and then hit send. 

Mike waited for a reply. His phone vibrated on his nightstand next to a picture of Renee and him.

“Open the door” the text read. 

Mike walked to the door shirtless, wearing only his grey joggers. 

He opened the door and every thought of Renee instantly left his mind.

In front of him stood Melanie, in a sheer pink robe. He could see straight through it and saw she was completely naked. Her caramel body was in full view. The only thing she wore were thigh high pink stockings. Her pussy was completely shaved and her brown nipples were poking towards the fabric. 

“Not gonna invite me in?” Melanie joked as she stood in the hallway of mikes apartment complex. 

“Ughhh” mike said, lost in the pure sexiness of Melanie’s attire. 

“Imma take that as a yes” Melanie said as she walked into the apartment. 

Melanie entered the living room and mike followed like a dog in heat. Mike walked straight for his bedroom but Melanie stopped him by grabbing the waist of his sweatpants. 

“How about we start here and make our way back there?” She said to him as her robe dropped and she squatted down in front of him. Melanie spread her legs as she pulled his dick from his pants. Her hair was already tied into a ponytail. She looked him in the eyes as she pulled his dick from his sweats. 

Mike couldn’t help but lean his head back as she licked the head of his dick and began to suck on it. The more of his dick that disappeared into his mouth the weaker his legs got. 

Mike looks down and the sight was too much for him. Melanie had her legs open playing with her pussy as she sloppily sucked on his dick. Her pink lipstick slowly fading the more she pleased him. Mike let go and let God as he shot stream after stream of cum down Melanie’s throat. 

Melanie never broke eye contact with mike as she swallowed every burst of cum that she shot into her mouth. She pulled his dick from her mouth and licked it clean.

Melanie stood up and walked past Mike. He ass jiggling as she walked into the kitchen. She hopped onto the counter and spread her legs wide open to reveal her glistening hairless pussy. 

“Now that you’ve fed me, come over here and put your mouth to use” she said, licking her fingers of Mike’s cum. 

Mike walked to her in a trance. He was stopped by her stocking covered foot when he got close enough. 

“On your knees to please” Melanie said in a sultry voice. 

Mike complied eagerly and fell to his knees. He was face to pussy with Melanie and took a moment to savor her sweet smell. He didn’t know where this new dominate vibe came from but he loved it. 

He placed his tongue at the bottom of her pussy, made it flat, and slowly licked up stopping at her clit. Mike then gently stroked her clit with his tongue up and down. He gripped her thighs, almost massaging them while he did this. 

Melanie was in ecstasy. She felt almost as great as she did as her encounter in the bathroom with mikes coworker. As mike continued to eat her pussy she couldn’t help but think of her. 

She grabbed Mike’s hair and pushed it into her pussy as she was getting close. Mike reacted by sucking on her clit and rubbing her asshole with him thumb. She couldn’t take it as he covered his face with her cum. 

Mike stood up and spoke 

“I think it’s my turn to give the orders” he spoke seductively but with force 

Before Melanie could protest, mike slid the entire length of his dick into her. Melanie gasped as she immediately came again. 

Mike pulled her so that her ass was just peeking over the counter. He began stroking her pussy while applying a grip on her throat. He looked her in her eyes as he made her pussy cream on his dick, choking her. Just as Melanie came for a third time, Mike picked her up off the counter and carried her to the bedroom. He laid her on the bed, his dick finally sliding out of her. 

“Show me how you want this dick” mike said with a strict voice. 

Melanie, turned on as she had flashbacks of the bathroom, immediately got on her hands and knees. 

Mike got behind her, positioning her between his legs. He slid his dick in just enough for him to reach forward and grab her throat. 

Mike then started fucking her long and deep. His strokes steadily gaining speed. The sound of her ass cheeks clapping against him filled the room. 

“You love this dick?” Mike asked with aggression 

“Fuck yes. I fucking love you mike” Melanie said as she fell forward. Her ass now high in the air as mike continued to fuck her with force from behind. 

Mike’s hands left her throat and gripped her ass as her felt himself about to cum. 

“Fuck, I love you too Melanie” mike shouted as he came inside Melanie yet again. 
:::: End Chapter 7 – out with the old, in with the new::::

Lust Series

:::: Chapter 6 – All Thighs Matter::::

Chris sped on the road with a big cheesy grin on his face. He couldn’t believe what had just happened to him and couldn’t wait to share his experience with his bro Mike. 

“This. This is the life to fuckjng live man. Amazing” Chris thought to himself. 

He pulled out his phone to text Mike and let him know he was on his was to his place. 

“Bro, omw to ya spot. Cut the PS4 on and get ready to hear this shit” he typed, not paying attention to the road. 

By the time Chris looked up it was too late and he was speeding through. Red light. Luckily there weren’t any cars on the road since he almost always took back  streets to avoid traffic. 

Chris sigh of relief was cut short as he saw red and blue light flickering behind him. 

“FUCK!” He thought to himself. He hated cops. Not only because they were almost always assholes but because he generally didn’t ever feel like explaining himself. 

Chris pulled over on the dark road and prepared his best professional voice to get the ordeal over with quickly. 

He reached and got his license and registration ready for the officer before he got there so he wouldn’t have to have too many words with him. 

The officer tapped on his window and Chris turned his head to see the most beautiful black woman he had ever laid eyes on. 

Her skin was the color of milk chocolate and Chris wondered if she tasted the same. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail that stuck out from behind her in one large curly poof. Chris was awe struck. 

“License and registration please” she asked 

Chris froze in awe. 


Chris snapped back to reality. He felt the irritation in her voice and remembered why he preferred white women. 

“Here man, you ain’t have to be so rude about it” Chris shot back. 

The officer took his license and registration and walked to the car. 

Chris sat in the car slightly irritated and uncomfortable. The former die to the female officer being so cold to him and the latter being because his dick was rock hard thinking about her. 

Chris turned when he heard tapping at the window. The female officer had returned. 

“Here’s your license and registration back. And I’m so…” The lady was interrupted by Chris 

“Yeah yeah can I go. I don’t have time for the black woman angry attitude today” Chris said coldly. 

The female officer stood there in silence before she spoke. 

“Sir I was apologizing for my rude demeanor earlier. That was uncalled for and unprofessional, and for the record I do not have an angry black woman’s attitude.” The lady threw his paperwork j to his lap. 

“I was irritated because not o my did I have to deal with assholes coworkers who believe that I’m inferior because I am a woman but also because I had to deal with assholes like you who think that every black woman is the same. You have zero clue what kind of day I had or what shit I’ve dealt with. So next time how about you ask before opening you self hating mouth.” The female officer stormed off. 

Chris immediately felt like shit and left the car to go after the officer. 

“Hey ma, in sorry about that I…” Chris was interrupted

“My name is officer Montaya and you will address me as such. I am not your ma but I appreciate your apology” officer Montaya stated. 

Chris stared at her in awe, he had never seen such beauty before. 

“Well I would like it if I could take you out or something to make it up” chris said with obvious nervousness in his voice. 

“Or…you could let me see if your dick is as big as it looks” officer Montaya said with confidence

Mike looked shocked. He didn’t know what to say. 

“Listen I know that was a little direct but I work 18 hour shifts and I rarely have an off day. If it’s okay with you id like to skip the bullshit and get to the good stuff” officer Montaya said boldly

Chris stood there in total shock

“Imma take this as a yes” officer Montaya said as she gripped his dick through his jeans

She then walked Chris Back to his truck, pulling him by his dick. 

They reached Chris’s truck, parked on a dark road, and entered through the back passenger door. 

Officer Montaya pushed Chris back and stripped herself of her pants.

Chris looked down to see a damn near perfect bubble ass covered by laced baby blue panties. 

“Let’s see if your mouth can come up with a better apology than the one you gave me” officer Montaya said as she claimbed Chris, sliding her panties to the side to place her pussy on his face

Chris had no time to object. Before he could protest his mouth was tasting the sweetest Pussy he had ever came in contact with. 

Chris couldn’t believe it. She tasted as exactly like Milk chocolate, maybe even sweeter. 

Chris twirled his tongue on her clit after trapping it with his lips.

He hummed on it slightly as he used his tongue to stroke her clit with light pressure, a trick he picked up in college. 

Officer Montaya eyes were in the back of her head as she dug her nails into Chris’s leather seat. 

Chris then felt the cold air on his dick as she pulled it from his jeans. 

“Aksum. Alsoshafakabaidi” Chris said, his mouth muffled by the officers chocolate pussy 

Chris kicked the glove box. The officer reached over and opened it to reveal a box of condoms. 

“I see you stay prepared” officer Montaya said as she slid the condom on Chris’s dick. 

She then removed her now dripping wet pussy from Chris’s face and slowly slid it on his dick 

Chris felt like he had entered the gates of heaven themselves. Her Pussy was so tight yet it fit perfectly. 

As she slid up and down on his dick he felt as if his dick would explode with pleasure. Her juices dripping down his balls while her pussy had his dick in a death grip that he was willing to give his life for 

He reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hand and thrust his dick upward. 

Officer Montaya let out a help that would have meant she was dying in any other situation but this one 

Chris fucked her back with force and her pussy reacted. Juices rushing over chris’s dick as he fucked her from one orgasm into another

“Oh fuck” Chris yelled as he came. He hadn’t felt that kind of nut since highSchool

Heavy breathing filled the air

“Damn. I been missing out” Chris said 

“What you never been with a cop before?” Montaya asked with chris’s dick still inside her. 

“Nah I just usually try to stay away from black women. Shit I was wrong. We have to hook up again” Chris said 


“WHAT THE FUCK” Chris shouted as he saw his wrist handcuffed to the seat belt 

“Yeah I don’t think so, I don’t have time for some All Lives Matter Cam newton headass nigga bringing coin drama into my life” officer Montaya said as she buckled her belt and left Chris’s truck. 

“No cmon it’s not like that. Please, don’t leave me like this” Chris pleaded 

“Yeah whatever. Call one of those white women’s to get you out. Thanks for the dick” and with that she was gone and her car was driving off into the darkness 

Chris sat there in his backseat with his dick out and his wrist handcuffed to his seatbelt with a smile on his face. 

He wasn’t mad at her, he wanted more. He needed more. 

*bzzz bzzz*

Mike pulled his phone from his pocket 

“Yo Bruh wassup I’m just leaving the office” mike voice came through the phone 

“Bruh, I’m finna send you my location. Bring some sisccors or sum and get ready to hear some shit” Chris said with a smile

:::: END CHAPTER 6 – All Thighs Matter::::

Lust Series

::::Chapter 5.5 – Hands that See::::

Melanie and Mike headed up to David’s office. 

Melanie still shivering from her intense orgasm and the fact that she just had her first voyeur experience. She was lost in thought and had only just snapped back to reality when she heard Mike’s voice 
“Did you hear me Melanie?” Asked Mike, repeating his words 
“Melanie I’m sorry I couldn’t focus, what were you saying mikey?” She asked. Still distraught from the encounter 
“I was saying I’m glad that you came to see me. I was hoping I would see more of you. Taste more of you lol” he chucked, swiping his hand across her thighs. 
Melanie blushed. She was happy. Yes this was her Bestfriend’s man but she had been in love with him since they first met. 
David’s cell phone began to ring, he answered and finished the call 
“That was rashad over in security. Apparently they have something they need my help with. You good here for a few? I shouldn’t be more than an hour” Mike asked hoping for a yes 
Melanie could tell he wanted her to stay and she wanted to stay as well. 
“Sure I’ll be fine. I’ll stay here so I don’t walk into an orgy or something” she joked 
The pair laughed and Mike gave her a kiss before exiting the office. 

Melanie then tried to relax herself. She had never been like this before. In just a few short hours she had not only watched two people have sex but she herself had fucked her best friends man twice. 
Feeling overwhelmed, she got up and tried to find the bathroom to run some water and cool off. 
She walked down the hall and entered the ladies room. She opened the window and ran the sink. Her eyes closed as she accessed her day 
Suddenly she felt someone behind her. They covered her eyes and had a firm grip on her ass. 
“Mike, we shouldn’t. We might get caught.” 

She said unconvincingly 
She then felt the hand leave her ass and moved to her breasts. The mysterious person squeezed her 36 C caramel colored breasts with passion and desire. 
Moans began to escape her lips. 
“Don’t open your eyes” 

Melanie froze, that wasn’t Mike’s voice. In fact the voice wasn’t a mans voice at all but sounded more like a female
The woman turned her around, she kept her eyes closed 
She grabbed her and sat her on the sink 
The woman placed Melanie’s hands on her breasts and spoke 
“Tell me what you can see” the woman demanded 
Melanie slowly let her hands travel the woman’s body. 
“D cups” said Melanie 
“Your body is amazing you must work out daily” she added 
“Go on. Tell me what you really see” the woman said as she placed Melanie’s hand on her ass 
“I see that you are definitely a black woman” she joked as she gripped the strangers ass 
“I see..” Melanie froze as the woman began finger fucking her 
Melanie could feel the woman’s fingers, there were two inside of her 
Melanie covered her secret lovers hands with her juices as they began to pool on the counter 
The woman increased her pace and demanded Melanie to continue talking 
“I see you eating my pussy until I cum on your face” Melanie said with a Shudder and a bit of nervousness. 
Then the woman stopped everything 
Melanie, eyes still closed, thought she said the wrong thing and scared her off but she then felt her legs being pulled to the edge of the counter 
The woman attacked Melanie’s pussy with her young and resumed fucking her with her fingers
Melanie was in a trance of ecstasy and pleasure. Her pussy had never been eaten this perfectly let alone by a woman. 
The woman circled Melanie’s clit with her tongue as her fingers slid in and out of her pussy 
Melanie could barely speak and the woman buried her face in her cleanly shaven pussy. Eating it as if she tasted like her caramel complexion. 
Melanie was surprised that she kept her eyes shut. Was it cause she didn’t want this to stop? Was it cause she didn’t want to admit that a woman could bring her this amount of pleasure?
Her train of thought crashed as her legs went in the air and her lovers tongue parted from her clit and made swirls downwards on her pussy until she reached her ass
Befor melanie could protest the woman had placed her thumb on Melanie’s clit and began making circular motions as she used her tongue to adamantly please her ass 
Melanie’s eyes shot open and she immediately came hard, her juices making a puddle under her plump caramel ass. 
The woman stood up and spoke 
” you opened your eyes. Shame, I was having fun.” Said Naomi, the woman who just moments ago was getting fucked as Melanie watched 
“come back and see me sometime. We can pick up where we left off” Naomi said as she kissed Melanie’s lips. 
Melanie was shocked. She immediately got up and adjusted Herself. She noticed her phone was on the counter and it had a number on the screen. Seems Naomi was serious about linking back up. 
Melanie walked back into the office, Mike coming in shortly after. 
“Hey you okay? Hope I didn’t take too long” Mike said in a rush 
“Nah I’m okay. Just got lost going to the bathroom. On Twitter and stuff” Melanie replied. 
“Good. So where were we?” Mike said as he placed Melanie on the desk 
:::End Chapter 5.5 – Hands That See:::