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::::The Pink Mile – Chapter 3::::


There she goes again. That was the fifth time that Naomi smacked Ashleigh’s ass today. Every time it has the same effect, her pussy instantly gets wet. 

Things had been very different lately. Naomi had started showing Ashleigh more attention. She would compliment her outfits. She also would fuck her every chance she got, no matter the time or place. 

“Ashleigh can you come into my office please?” Naomi called from her office. 

Ashleigh smiled. She knew what she wanted. She knew that once she shut that office door that they would be all over each other. She knew that in a matter of minutes, she would have Ms.Price’s pussy in her mouth.  

“How can I help you Ms.Price” Ashleigh said as she closed the door to the office. 

“This new case is really becoming a problem. Be a dear and come help me relax” Naomi said, parting her legs in her chair. 

Ashleigh pulled her hair back into a ponytail and crawled under her desk. 

She took a moment to admire Naomi’s pussy. 

It was perfectly shaved. Her lips were nice and phat, hiding her clitoris. There was a glisten to it that meant she had warmed up before she got here. Ashleigh didn’t mind, to her it just meant she could taste her quicker. 

Ashleigh stretched her tongue out as far as she could, placing it at the bottom of Naomi’s pussy. She moved her tongue upwards, sliding it from side to side, until she reached her clit.

It was there that she stopped and savored the taste. Wrapping her lips around it and sucking on it almost like a pacifier. Her hands making sure Naomi couldn’t close her legs as she erupted her sweet cum onto her face. 

“Anything else Ms.Price” Ashleigh asked as she stood up and stared at her boss seductively. 

“No, that’s all that was needed. However I do think I should thank you.” Naomi stood up from the desk and pressed Ashleigh against her window. 

“You see this city? It’s not for the weak” Naomi began to speak as Ashleigh felt her pussy lips being parted. 

“You have to know what you want and go for it. You have to be willing to do what it takes and make it happen” Naomi said as she finger fucked Ashleigh against the window. 

Naomi could feel the cold glass on her nipples through her blouse as she came all over Naomi’s fingers. 

“Have a nice day, Ashleigh” Naomi said as she went back to working at her desk. 

“Thanks Ms.Price” she said as she left her boss’s office, cum running down her leg. 
Later that evening Ashleigh couldn’t stop thinking about Naomi’s speech. She knew that she wanted to be a major name in law. She knew that she wanted the money and the recognition. She needed some air. 

Ashleigh hadn’t been out much since coming to New York. She stayed grabbed her jacket and headed to Harlem. She had heard of a cool poetry club there and decided she would check it out. 

She made it to the club in a matter of minutes, Partially due to her Uber driving like a mad man. She arrived and checked out the scene. She liked the vibe she was getting. 

Everyone was either wearing their natural hair or had a clean cut. Their clothes looked like they were matched with soul. Everyone just gave off such melanin vibes, she loved it. 

Ashleigh grabbed a drink and a seat in the corner. She watched as the next performer took the stage. Her eyes became glued to what she saw. 

It was a woman, a beautiful black woman. She had caramel skin and her hair was cut short. Her body was that of an athlete, slim until you reached her ass. There she was blessed with the perfect bubble booty. Ashleigh couldn’t look away. 

She was mesmerized during her entire performance. As the woman left the stage, something clicked. She wanted her and she was going to go for what she wanted. Ashleigh approached her. 

“Hey, great performance. I love it” she said as her eyes traveled up and down the poets body. 

“Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it.” The poet said back. There was a hint of flirtation there. 

“I was actually hoping I could hear more. Maybe in private?” Ashleigh asked her boldly. 

Her heart was in her throat. Just a few weeks ago she had never been with another woman and here she was inviting a stranger back for a one night stand. 

“Your place or mine?” The poet said with a smirk. 

The two women left the bar and headed back to Ashleigh’s apartment. On the way there they didn’t talk at all. The poet finger popped Ashleigh’s pussy the entire Uber ride. Their driver nearly crashed trying to watch. 

Once inside Ashleigh’s apartment, the roles changed. Something inside Ashleigh changed, she was in full control. 

She snatched off the nameless poets clothes and pushed her back onto her bed. She then lowered her pussy onto her full lips and ordered her to eat it like she was starving. 

The poet didn’t hesitate. 

She immediately started licking and sucking on Ashleigh’s pussy, her juices running over her mouth. She only stopped when she moaned from feeling Ashleigh’s fingers inside her dripping pussy. 

Ashleigh turned around and pulled the poet’s pussy towards her. The poet was nOw upside down on her neck with her pussy being eaten. Ashleigh gripped her ass tightly to hold her in place. 

Her tongue traveled from her clit to her ass and back again as she let out screams of pleasure. She rolled onto all fours but Ashleigh locked her arms around her thighs and went back to eating her pussy. She alternated from her ass to her pussy, savoring every drop of cum that the poet let out. 

Ashleigh got up to answer the door, telling the poet not to move. When she opened it all she saw was a box. There was a not on the box. 

“I thought you would need this

Ashleigh opened the box to reveal a 9 inch strap on dildo. An evil grin came across her face as she slipped it on and righted it around her luscious thighs. 
She returned to the room to find that her pretty pussy poet hadn’t moved at all. She was still on all fours with her pussy glistening. Ashleigh slapped her ass and mounted her with the strap on. 
She plunged the dildo into her pussy, causing the poet to let out a loud scream of pleasure. Ashleigh squatted on her heels behind the poet and began fucking her hard and deep. 
The poet came again and again as Ashleigh fucked her like she had been doing it all her life. When she tried to run from the strokes, Ashleigh grabbed her by the neck and told her to take it. The two black beauties fucked for hours until both of them passed out with exhaustion. 
In the morning, Ashleigh woke up early to make breakfast and work from home. She sat at her desk in her home office and stared out to the city below. A knock interrupted her. 
“Thanks for last night” the poet spoke. 
“I’m sure you can give a better thank you than that” Ashleigh said as she spread her legs in the seat, signaling for the poet to come and please her. Which is exactly what she did. 
Ashleigh stared out the window while she received head from her mystery poet. She knew at that moment that she would do what she had to do to get what she wanted. Tomorrow she would go back to the office as usual but today, today she was in control.