Lust Series

:::: Chapter 6 – All Thighs Matter::::

Chris sped on the road with a big cheesy grin on his face. He couldn’t believe what had just happened to him and couldn’t wait to share his experience with his bro Mike. 

“This. This is the life to fuckjng live man. Amazing” Chris thought to himself. 

He pulled out his phone to text Mike and let him know he was on his was to his place. 

“Bro, omw to ya spot. Cut the PS4 on and get ready to hear this shit” he typed, not paying attention to the road. 

By the time Chris looked up it was too late and he was speeding through. Red light. Luckily there weren’t any cars on the road since he almost always took back  streets to avoid traffic. 

Chris sigh of relief was cut short as he saw red and blue light flickering behind him. 

“FUCK!” He thought to himself. He hated cops. Not only because they were almost always assholes but because he generally didn’t ever feel like explaining himself. 

Chris pulled over on the dark road and prepared his best professional voice to get the ordeal over with quickly. 

He reached and got his license and registration ready for the officer before he got there so he wouldn’t have to have too many words with him. 

The officer tapped on his window and Chris turned his head to see the most beautiful black woman he had ever laid eyes on. 

Her skin was the color of milk chocolate and Chris wondered if she tasted the same. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail that stuck out from behind her in one large curly poof. Chris was awe struck. 

“License and registration please” she asked 

Chris froze in awe. 


Chris snapped back to reality. He felt the irritation in her voice and remembered why he preferred white women. 

“Here man, you ain’t have to be so rude about it” Chris shot back. 

The officer took his license and registration and walked to the car. 

Chris sat in the car slightly irritated and uncomfortable. The former die to the female officer being so cold to him and the latter being because his dick was rock hard thinking about her. 

Chris turned when he heard tapping at the window. The female officer had returned. 

“Here’s your license and registration back. And I’m so…” The lady was interrupted by Chris 

“Yeah yeah can I go. I don’t have time for the black woman angry attitude today” Chris said coldly. 

The female officer stood there in silence before she spoke. 

“Sir I was apologizing for my rude demeanor earlier. That was uncalled for and unprofessional, and for the record I do not have an angry black woman’s attitude.” The lady threw his paperwork j to his lap. 

“I was irritated because not o my did I have to deal with assholes coworkers who believe that I’m inferior because I am a woman but also because I had to deal with assholes like you who think that every black woman is the same. You have zero clue what kind of day I had or what shit I’ve dealt with. So next time how about you ask before opening you self hating mouth.” The female officer stormed off. 

Chris immediately felt like shit and left the car to go after the officer. 

“Hey ma, in sorry about that I…” Chris was interrupted

“My name is officer Montaya and you will address me as such. I am not your ma but I appreciate your apology” officer Montaya stated. 

Chris stared at her in awe, he had never seen such beauty before. 

“Well I would like it if I could take you out or something to make it up” chris said with obvious nervousness in his voice. 

“Or…you could let me see if your dick is as big as it looks” officer Montaya said with confidence

Mike looked shocked. He didn’t know what to say. 

“Listen I know that was a little direct but I work 18 hour shifts and I rarely have an off day. If it’s okay with you id like to skip the bullshit and get to the good stuff” officer Montaya said boldly

Chris stood there in total shock

“Imma take this as a yes” officer Montaya said as she gripped his dick through his jeans

She then walked Chris Back to his truck, pulling him by his dick. 

They reached Chris’s truck, parked on a dark road, and entered through the back passenger door. 

Officer Montaya pushed Chris back and stripped herself of her pants.

Chris looked down to see a damn near perfect bubble ass covered by laced baby blue panties. 

“Let’s see if your mouth can come up with a better apology than the one you gave me” officer Montaya said as she claimbed Chris, sliding her panties to the side to place her pussy on his face

Chris had no time to object. Before he could protest his mouth was tasting the sweetest Pussy he had ever came in contact with. 

Chris couldn’t believe it. She tasted as exactly like Milk chocolate, maybe even sweeter. 

Chris twirled his tongue on her clit after trapping it with his lips.

He hummed on it slightly as he used his tongue to stroke her clit with light pressure, a trick he picked up in college. 

Officer Montaya eyes were in the back of her head as she dug her nails into Chris’s leather seat. 

Chris then felt the cold air on his dick as she pulled it from his jeans. 

“Aksum. Alsoshafakabaidi” Chris said, his mouth muffled by the officers chocolate pussy 

Chris kicked the glove box. The officer reached over and opened it to reveal a box of condoms. 

“I see you stay prepared” officer Montaya said as she slid the condom on Chris’s dick. 

She then removed her now dripping wet pussy from Chris’s face and slowly slid it on his dick 

Chris felt like he had entered the gates of heaven themselves. Her Pussy was so tight yet it fit perfectly. 

As she slid up and down on his dick he felt as if his dick would explode with pleasure. Her juices dripping down his balls while her pussy had his dick in a death grip that he was willing to give his life for 

He reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks with both hand and thrust his dick upward. 

Officer Montaya let out a help that would have meant she was dying in any other situation but this one 

Chris fucked her back with force and her pussy reacted. Juices rushing over chris’s dick as he fucked her from one orgasm into another

“Oh fuck” Chris yelled as he came. He hadn’t felt that kind of nut since highSchool

Heavy breathing filled the air

“Damn. I been missing out” Chris said 

“What you never been with a cop before?” Montaya asked with chris’s dick still inside her. 

“Nah I just usually try to stay away from black women. Shit I was wrong. We have to hook up again” Chris said 


“WHAT THE FUCK” Chris shouted as he saw his wrist handcuffed to the seat belt 

“Yeah I don’t think so, I don’t have time for some All Lives Matter Cam newton headass nigga bringing coin drama into my life” officer Montaya said as she buckled her belt and left Chris’s truck. 

“No cmon it’s not like that. Please, don’t leave me like this” Chris pleaded 

“Yeah whatever. Call one of those white women’s to get you out. Thanks for the dick” and with that she was gone and her car was driving off into the darkness 

Chris sat there in his backseat with his dick out and his wrist handcuffed to his seatbelt with a smile on his face. 

He wasn’t mad at her, he wanted more. He needed more. 

*bzzz bzzz*

Mike pulled his phone from his pocket 

“Yo Bruh wassup I’m just leaving the office” mike voice came through the phone 

“Bruh, I’m finna send you my location. Bring some sisccors or sum and get ready to hear some shit” Chris said with a smile

:::: END CHAPTER 6 – All Thighs Matter::::


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