Lust Series

::::Chapter 5.5 – Hands that See::::

Melanie and Mike headed up to David’s office. 

Melanie still shivering from her intense orgasm and the fact that she just had her first voyeur experience. She was lost in thought and had only just snapped back to reality when she heard Mike’s voice 
“Did you hear me Melanie?” Asked Mike, repeating his words 
“Melanie I’m sorry I couldn’t focus, what were you saying mikey?” She asked. Still distraught from the encounter 
“I was saying I’m glad that you came to see me. I was hoping I would see more of you. Taste more of you lol” he chucked, swiping his hand across her thighs. 
Melanie blushed. She was happy. Yes this was her Bestfriend’s man but she had been in love with him since they first met. 
David’s cell phone began to ring, he answered and finished the call 
“That was rashad over in security. Apparently they have something they need my help with. You good here for a few? I shouldn’t be more than an hour” Mike asked hoping for a yes 
Melanie could tell he wanted her to stay and she wanted to stay as well. 
“Sure I’ll be fine. I’ll stay here so I don’t walk into an orgy or something” she joked 
The pair laughed and Mike gave her a kiss before exiting the office. 

Melanie then tried to relax herself. She had never been like this before. In just a few short hours she had not only watched two people have sex but she herself had fucked her best friends man twice. 
Feeling overwhelmed, she got up and tried to find the bathroom to run some water and cool off. 
She walked down the hall and entered the ladies room. She opened the window and ran the sink. Her eyes closed as she accessed her day 
Suddenly she felt someone behind her. They covered her eyes and had a firm grip on her ass. 
“Mike, we shouldn’t. We might get caught.” 

She said unconvincingly 
She then felt the hand leave her ass and moved to her breasts. The mysterious person squeezed her 36 C caramel colored breasts with passion and desire. 
Moans began to escape her lips. 
“Don’t open your eyes” 

Melanie froze, that wasn’t Mike’s voice. In fact the voice wasn’t a mans voice at all but sounded more like a female
The woman turned her around, she kept her eyes closed 
She grabbed her and sat her on the sink 
The woman placed Melanie’s hands on her breasts and spoke 
“Tell me what you can see” the woman demanded 
Melanie slowly let her hands travel the woman’s body. 
“D cups” said Melanie 
“Your body is amazing you must work out daily” she added 
“Go on. Tell me what you really see” the woman said as she placed Melanie’s hand on her ass 
“I see that you are definitely a black woman” she joked as she gripped the strangers ass 
“I see..” Melanie froze as the woman began finger fucking her 
Melanie could feel the woman’s fingers, there were two inside of her 
Melanie covered her secret lovers hands with her juices as they began to pool on the counter 
The woman increased her pace and demanded Melanie to continue talking 
“I see you eating my pussy until I cum on your face” Melanie said with a Shudder and a bit of nervousness. 
Then the woman stopped everything 
Melanie, eyes still closed, thought she said the wrong thing and scared her off but she then felt her legs being pulled to the edge of the counter 
The woman attacked Melanie’s pussy with her young and resumed fucking her with her fingers
Melanie was in a trance of ecstasy and pleasure. Her pussy had never been eaten this perfectly let alone by a woman. 
The woman circled Melanie’s clit with her tongue as her fingers slid in and out of her pussy 
Melanie could barely speak and the woman buried her face in her cleanly shaven pussy. Eating it as if she tasted like her caramel complexion. 
Melanie was surprised that she kept her eyes shut. Was it cause she didn’t want this to stop? Was it cause she didn’t want to admit that a woman could bring her this amount of pleasure?
Her train of thought crashed as her legs went in the air and her lovers tongue parted from her clit and made swirls downwards on her pussy until she reached her ass
Befor melanie could protest the woman had placed her thumb on Melanie’s clit and began making circular motions as she used her tongue to adamantly please her ass 
Melanie’s eyes shot open and she immediately came hard, her juices making a puddle under her plump caramel ass. 
The woman stood up and spoke 
” you opened your eyes. Shame, I was having fun.” Said Naomi, the woman who just moments ago was getting fucked as Melanie watched 
“come back and see me sometime. We can pick up where we left off” Naomi said as she kissed Melanie’s lips. 
Melanie was shocked. She immediately got up and adjusted Herself. She noticed her phone was on the counter and it had a number on the screen. Seems Naomi was serious about linking back up. 
Melanie walked back into the office, Mike coming in shortly after. 
“Hey you okay? Hope I didn’t take too long” Mike said in a rush 
“Nah I’m okay. Just got lost going to the bathroom. On Twitter and stuff” Melanie replied. 
“Good. So where were we?” Mike said as he placed Melanie on the desk 
:::End Chapter 5.5 – Hands That See:::


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