College, Lust Series

::::Chapter 11 – Midnight Lust::::

“You a fucking idiot” Tre yelled at Darrius as he and Fitch walked down the street away from the party. “Nigga what did you want me to do? I had more timbs on my back than a NEw York street, I had to do something. I let off 3 in the air, nobody got hit” Darrius said, trying to explain to his actions to his friend. 

“Bro anybody could have got hit though, we were coming for you” Fitch said as he look Darrius in his eyes. 

“Yeah well you niggas ain’t come fast enough” Darrius said, pulling his hood over his head and walking ahead of his friends.

Tre and Fitch looked at each other knowing they were to hard on Darrius. They let him walk ahead for a few minutes and then caught back up to him. Tre out his arm around Darrius and spoke. 

“You did light that bitch up tho bro, you know you fucked up my move” Tre said, hinting at him and Toya hooking up. 

“Yeah, Bro officially cashed in his V-Card. He on his Love and Basketball shit” Fitch teased while shooting an imaginary basketball. 

“Word? Aye my boy finally got some booty. Damn she was bad too. You think her friend like me?” Darrius said referring to Terry, Toya’s best friend. 

“Nah she like me” Fitch said before Tre could answer  

The three laughed and argued until they got to the corner. There Tre spoke about Toya in a different way. 

“I don’t know tho man. She was something special. She was gorgeous and she was mad cool. I think she the one” Tre said to his friends. 

“Boy you had your first piece of ass, of course you think she’s the one” Darrius joked. 

“Nah man I mean it. She’s legit the one. I know she is” Tre said, ignoring his cackling friend. 

“Bro ain’t that them over there?” Fitch said pointing to two women getting into a car. 

“Yeah that’s them but who the hell truck is that?” Tre asked out loud while they watched the black Escalade drive off with the love of his life inside of it. 
“Thanks for coming to get us. My grandparents would have died if I had to call them” Toya said. 

“Yeah, my friend was supposed to drive us home but she got lost when the gun shots went off” Terry lied, knowing the girls had no way to her house from the party. 

“We didn’t inconvenience you did we Coach?” Toya asked in a flirty voice. 

“No it’s no problem at all, though I am surprised to see that your out here this late. Your grandparents don’t seem like the type to allow you to come out to parties no matter how old you are” the coach joked with the girls. 

“I told them that I was staying with Terry to practice and study” Toya admitted. 

“It’s not good to lie to people you care about, it could become an ugly habit” coach said in a fatherly tone. 

“Hey coach, you think we could stay at your place tonight? I don’t stay on campus either and I kinda told my parents that I would be staying at Toya’s house.” Terry admitted. 

“Sure but let’s try to keep the lying to a minimum” coach joked with the girls. 

He turned the music up as they drive back to his home. When they arrived he grabbed some spare blankets and showed them where the guest rooms were. While he wasn’t rich, the coach managed to do well for himself after playing ball overseas. 

He invested a nice sum of his money in stocks and Managed it well enough For him to live comfortably in his 4 bedroom home. 

Terry thanked him and the two girls went into the rooms. Shortly after, Toya got up to go check to see if Terry was awake. She had wanted to talk about Tre but when she got to her friend, she saw she was snoring loudly. 

Toya turned around and walked to where Coach said the bathroom was. She sat on the sink thinking about Tre. Did she love him? She had just met him, so it couldn’t be that. She was confused but knew she felt something for him.

She washed her hands and left to head back to her room. While walking past she saw Coach walking out of his room. 

“Hey, forgot you girls were here. You startled me” Coach said. 

Toya wanted to say something back but Coach was standing there in only his robe. His dick was hanging out of the front and even while soft, it was a monster. Coach noticed her eyes. 

“Toya why don’t you help me with something in my room” Coach said, grabbing her hand softly and leading her to his bedroom. 

Toya was speechless at the size of his dick. It was the same one that had made her black out just a few days ago. She followed him while Tre slipped from her mind. 

Coach laid her on his bed and raised her legs straight up In The air, pulling her legging off and revealing her shaven pussy. Her pushed her long legs back and went down to eat her ass as he had done before. Toya was in heaven. It didn’t raven cross her mind that Tre was just there hours earlier. 

Coach used his tongue to apply pressure on her asshole while he thumbed her clit. Toya pulled a pillow over to muffle her moans as not to wake Terry up. 

“I see you had the same idea” coach said referring to how wet she was as he stood up and pulled Toya to the edge of his bed. 

He slowly stroked his dick inside of her inch by inch until her was fucking her with over half of it. Toya came again and again as her coach long dicked her slowly. She scratched his back like a wildcat as he made her pussy cream on his dick. 

Toya wanted to shout that she was cumming again but couldn’t find the words to do so. She just felt the euphoria of her organism rip through her body. Immediately after that one had finished the coach slid his full length inside of her and she had another one. 

The room went dark again as she came, except this time she didn’t pass out completely, only for a second. Coach pulled his dick out and shot his cum all over her. 

Toya was spent, drained for the organism marathon the coach had put her through. He left the room and returned with a warm rag and gently cleaned the cum from her body. 

Toya mentioned that Terry might be up and attempted to get up to leave. Her legs we like jello as she wobbled over and nearly fell before grabbing the dresser. 

She was about to try to walk again when she felt the coach’s tongue parting her cheeks and licking her ass. His hand playing with her pussy while he gave her another orgasm. 

While coach gave Toya the eating of a life time, Terry was watching through the cracked door. Coach had forgot to shut it and she hadn’t looked away since she saw her friend bent over the dresser getting her ass ate. Her hand in her panties the entire time she watched. 


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