College, Lust Series

:::: Chapter 12 – FaceTime::::

“Listen Bruh I would but I can’t, you feel me. Like if I could I would but I just can’t.” Darrius said confusingly. “Listen all I’m saying is that if you go back at them then it’s just gonna get worse. We here to play ball man, we all away from home” Fitch said with worry in his voice. 

Darrius waved him off and went back to listening to his music. Tre walked over to them and asked them the same question he had been asking all day. 

“So did yal see her?” He asked for the millionth time that day. 

“NO NIGGA!” Fitch and Darrius both said in unison. 

“Well shit that’s all y’all had to say” he shot back in a joking tone. 

The three had been sitting outside of the gym all morning hoping to run into Toya and Terry. More specifically, Tre had dragged his friends along while he stalked the gym hoping to run into her. 

“Bro why don’t you just text her like a normal nigga? You know, tweet her or something” Darrius said, not looking up from his phone. 

“Yeah, snap her” Fitch joked. The two laughed at their friend. 

“I didn’t get her number man. How imma text her? No number, no @, no snap name, nothing man” Tre said sounding disappointed and frustrated. 

“Wait so you got the draws but you ain’t get the number? Bro you gotta teach me” Darrius said jokingly, knowingly irritating Tre. 

They sat at the gym entrance for another hour. All three of them missed class and while they knew they shouldn’t, they didn’t want to leave their friend hanging. Just as they were about to walk away, Toya and Terry turned the corner. 

Tre was speechless, as was Toya. They stood there, staring at each other without saying a word. It took for Terry to say something. 

“Oh hey Tre, good to see you since you blew my back out. How’s life?” Terry said mocking her friends voice. 

“Something like that would be a good convo starter” Terry said, blocking herself from her friends playful punches. 

Terry, Fitch, and Darrius all laughed as they walked away to give their friends some alone time. 

“So…I had a nice time the other night” Toya said nervously. Hoping that she hadn’t made a bad impression on him. Tre spoke back. 

“Me too. I was hoping we could do it again” Tre said without thinking. Toya gave him a weird look. 

“No I mean hang out, like a date. I mean I still want to but I want to take you out. Spend some time with you” Tre said stumbling over his words nervously. 

“Id like that” Toya said laughing at his nervousness. 
“What you think they talkin about?” Fitch said peeking around the corner. 

“Probably running away to have a basketball wedding” Darrius joked, Terry quickly followed up with one of her own. 

“Ole love and Basketball head asses” Terry said as she laughed along with the joke. Her and Darrius shared a quick look. 

Terry reached over and grabbed Darrius’s dick. She gave him a quick wink and nodded towards the storage closet near them. 

“Ayo Fitch, go ask Tre if he got my dorm keys” Darrius asked his friend.

“Aight bet. Don’t leave me cause it look like they still caking” Fitch said, never turning around to notice what was up. 

As soon as Fitch turned the corner, Darrius felt himself being pulled into the closet by Terry. When the door shut, she instantly dropped to her knees. Darrius was shocked but excited at the same time. 

“Damn you don’t waste time huh? I ain’t even think you were feeling me” Darrius said while pulling his dick from his boxers. 

“Well you saved my life sorta. I should thank you” Terry said as she licked the head of Darrius’s dick. 

Darrius knees wobbled. He hadn’t had sex since he left California to come to college and with his nerdy roommate never leaving the dorm, couldn’t even bust a nut himself. 

He placed his hands on her head as she began to bob back and forth on his dick. The slurping sounds heightened the effect. Her moaning on his dick quicker the job. 

“Fuck I’m about to cum” Darrius said with a warning, partly embarrassed that he couldn’t last longer. 

She didn’t let up, instead she took his dick into her mouth down to the base. Darrius immediately began to cum, shooting stream after stream of cum into her throat. He sank back on the wall, finally relieved. 

“Well looks like you accept my thank you” Terry laughed. 

“When you get yourself together, maybe I’ll bless you with this pussy” she said arrogantly. 
“You really thought he would randomly want his keys” Tre said, laughing at Fitch with Toya. 

“Well knowing Terry, they probably somewhere fucking at this very moment” Toya joked. 

The three continued to talk, waiting for their friends to return. When they did return Terry was wiping her mouth off. Darrius had a huge cheese grin on his face. Before they could say anything, a deep voice interrupted them. 

“And what’s all this?” Coach Bishop asked. 

They turned to see the coach with his arms crossed looking menacingly. The guys were confused as they didn’t see anything wrong with them just talking. Toya spoke up first. 

“Just talking with some of the guys team. Tryna see if we could get a practice or something” she lied, laughing with Tre. 

“That won’t be necessary, now let’s get into the gym. You girls are gonna be late” Coach Bishop said in a strict tone. 

The girls said goodbye to the guys and went into the gym. Tre turned to talk to Darrius but was stopped by coach bishop’s evil stare. He locked eyes and spoke. 

“Aye man, you okay? We was just talking.” Tre said.

“Just keep yal lil horny asses away from my girls. Go to class where your supposed to be” Coach said in a nasty voice. 

Tre stepped towards the coach with his chest out and the coach unfolded his arms. Sensing the tension, Fitch got in between them. 

“Aye Tre come on bro. We late for class and we got practice later” He said trying to get away from big ass Coach Bishop. 

Tre mugged the coach and left with his friends. 
“Toya in my office now!” Coach bishop yelled as he slammed the door to the gym. 

Terry laughed as she teased her friend for being in trouble. Toya was genuinely scared as she walked to the office. She entered and sat down. 

“What did we say about distractions when you were in my office last time” coach asked her in an angry voice. 

“What distractions are you talking about? I told you that teacher was lying to you” Toya tried To plead her case. 

“That boy, he’s a distraction. Actually I think I should just call your grandparents and have them talk to you about it” Coach Bishop said as he grabbed the phone. 

Toya stood up and walked around the desk. 

“Now coach that doesn’t have to happen now, does it?” She grabbed his dick through his shorts. 

Coach put the phone down and turned to face her in his chair. Toya dropped to her knees and pulled his dick from his shorts. She licked the head and asked him in her sexiest voice. 

“Let me fix it for you” she said as she realized she had the coach wrapped around her finger. 


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