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::::The Pink Mile: Chapter 1::::

Ashleigh paced back and forth in the bathroom. Her freshly manicured nails tapped together in a nervous manner. She grabbed a napkin from the dispenser and dabbed her face, as to not ruin her makeup. 

She was panicking. Here she was in New York, At one of the most prestigious law firms in the city, and she was panicking. She took deep breaths and tried to calm down. She looked in the mirror. 

“You have this, you will own this, you will succeed” she repeated the phrases over and over.  

She ran water as she closed her eyes and took more deep breaths. In moments she would be starting her first day at the firm as an assistant to the best lawyer in the city. She exited the bathroom and walked with confidence. 

Ashleigh walked down the hall and knocked on the door. She took a deep breath. 

“Come in” she heard the female voice answer back. 

Ashleigh took one last deep breath and walked into the office. 

“Hello, I’m Ashleigh Bishop. I’m your new intern/Assistant.” Ashleigh said as she walked into the office. 

Her jaw hit the floor as she saw her new boss on top of a young black man. Not only that but she was completely naked from the waist down. 

Ashleigh watched as her boss rode the young mans dick, her ass being impossible not to stare at. She was frozen in both fear and interest. 

“Fuck, come in….ME!” Her boss shouted. 

That must have been what she heard when she thought she told her to come inside her office. Ashleigh back away slowly, her eyes still focused on her bosses pussy riding the dick in her office. 

Ashleigh ran back into the bathroom quickly. What the hell has she just seen? Surely her boss would have her fired for what just happened. She panicked as the bathroom door opened. 

“Hey, I figured you would be in here. Don’t worry I was nervous my first day too. Come with me and I’ll show you around. It’s Ashleigh right?” 

Ashleigh was stunned. This was the same woman that was just riding one of the biggest dicks that she had seen in her 20 years of living. Now here she was, talking to her as if nothing had just happened. 

“Oh I’m sorry, my name is Naomi. I’ll be your boss. Though I want you to think of me as more of a teacher” Naomi said, her voice getting sensual towards the end. 

Naomi grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the bathroom and began showing her around the office. She showed her the other lawyers and where everything was. 

“And this handsome young guy is Mike, the SECOND best lawyer in New York” she playfully teased. 

Ashleigh began to lighten up, maybe she didn’t see her watching her have sex in her office. Ashleigh spoke up. 

“Nice to meet you Mike” she shook his hand and smiled. 

“Nice to meet you too, hopefully you’ll learn humility. Unlike Naomi” Mile joked back. 

They continued small talk with Mike and other people around the office as they toured. Finally they reached Naomi’s office. Naomi showed Ashleigh her desk and told her what she expected of her. 

“Thank you Ms.Price. I will not let you down.” Ashleigh said. 

“Nonsense, Call me Naomi. You’ll do fine. Just follow my every instruction.” Naomi said with a sly grin. 

Ashleigh then spent the next eight hours filing papers and transferring calls. All the while the thought of Naomi riding dick was in her mind. THE was her beautiful ass looked bouncing up and down. How pretty her pussy was and how wet it looked. 

Ashleigh felt her own pussy getting wet at her thoughts.

“I’m not gay. Wtf?” She thought to herself. 

Ashleigh walked to the the fax machine to grab some more paperwork. 

“Ashleigh can you come in here for a second?” Naomi called from her office. 

Ashleigh walked into the office, briefly hesitating when she flash backed to the first time she walked into the office. 

“Ashleigh come have a seat. Tell me about how your first day was.” Naomi said as she let her hair down.

“Well it was nice. I kind of psyched myself out earlier but you kind of helped me adjust” Ashleigh said, brushing her bang from out of her face. 

“That’s lovely. So what did you think about seeing me riding my other assistant?” Naomi boldly asked her. 

Ashleigh was lost for words. So she did see her. So why didn’t she say anything? Was this all some game to her? 

“You see Ashleigh, I called you in here because I like you. I think you have what it takes to make a great lawyer. Your beautiful, your black, and you are just fearless. I know that because you watched me fuck him instead of just leaving” Naomi said as she stood up and walked around to Ashleigh. 

“Ms.Price I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to brags in on you” Ashleigh began to apologize. 

“Nonsense. I wanted you to see. I wanted to see how you would react. Tell me, am I the reason your panties are soaked right now?” Naomi asked her, again in a bold claim. 

Ashleigh hadn’t realized that her pussy was visible from her position. Not only that, her pussy had gotten so wet that you could see her panties becoming soaked. 

“Allow me to help you with that” Naomi said as she dropped to her knees. 

She reached under Ashleigh’s skirt and tugged at her panties, pulling them off and revealing her glistening chocolate pussy. 

“I take it you won’t mind if I help myself?” Naomi asked rhetorically. 

She began to place sensual kisses right on Ashleigh’s clit. Allowing her lips to linger, savoring the taste of her young intern. Her hands massaged Ashleigh’s thighs as she made out with her pussy. 

Ashleigh responded by scooting forwards in the chair, allowing Naomi better access to her chocolate box. She unconsciously gripped Naomi’s hair. She held her hair in a ponytail as Naomi began to suck on her clit like a pacifier. 

“OH MY FUCKING GOD” Ashleigh squealed. 

Naomi was attacking her clit with her tongue. Licking it as if she had never wanted before. She then slid two fingers inside of her dripping wet pussy and gently stroked them in and out of her. 

“Hey, it’s okay if I take off for the day?” A voice chimed in. 

Ashleigh was terrified but made no moves to stop Naomi or to cover herself up. She recognized the man standing in the doorway from earlier. It was her other “assistant” that she had caught fucking Naomi. 

“Sure thing. Be here bright and early” Naomi said in between slurps of Ashleigh’s pussy. 

Naomi then slid her finger into Ashleigh’s asshole. She went back to sucking on her clit. Her free hand then found her way to Ashleigh’s chocolate nipple. She braced herself as Ashleigh let out a rapid howl when she began to cum. 

Naomi stood up, admiring her handiwork. 

“That’s was Omir. He’s my other assistant, except he’s not an intern like you. He’s dumb as a brick but he has a monster between his legs that makes up for it.”

Naomi licked her lips and walked back behind her desk to look out the window. 

“You see Ashleigh, I am a woman in power. I also have needs. Therefore I find my ways to scratch my itch. You will help me scratch that itch when I ask. Is that understood?” Naomi turned to get conformation from Ashleigh. 

“Yes Ms.Price” Ashleigh said as she played with her pussy. 

Naomi walked over to her and got back down on her knees. 

“Please baby, call me Naomi” and proceeds to feast on her chocolate pussy again. 
:::::End The Pink Mile: Chapter 1:::::


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