College, Lust Series

:::CHAPTER 10: Shoot your shot:::

“Bro, no bro ain’t no way bro” said Darrius shaking his head in disbelief. 
“What bro?” Asked tre, laughing with curiosity. 
“Ain’t no way you still a virgin bro, you the top scoring player from your high school. You mean to tell me you ain’t smash none of those groupies?” Asked darrius in a doubting tone. 
“Listen, I went to school in Baltimore County. The only thing out there are white girls trying to act black and white girls that are too white for their own good. I was good on that” tre stated, holding his hands up in disgust. 
Darrius stood in disbelief realizing that his friend was serious. The star basketball player on campus was a virgin. 
Darrius and Tre had met in practice. They had been tight ever since they backed down some Atlanta guys from ganging up on Darrius. 
“Ayo T, so you scared or what?” Darrius asked, inquiring why his homie has yet to have sex. 
“I told you, just haven’t ran into anyone. Between practice, School, and my strict ass parents I never had time for girls bro” Tre explained, still laughing at his friend’s reaction. 
“Besides, who needs girls” Tre said while grabbing Darrius’s shoulder. 
“Ayo fuck off me” Darrius said laughing at his friends joke. 
“Nah but I just haven’t met anyone bro” Tre said, still laughing from messing with Darrius. 
Tre and Darrius were similar in appearance. Both were 6’3 and 200lbs of pure muscle from playing ball since they could hold one. Both were dark skin, however Darrius had tattoos in every place imaginable. Tre kept his hair in a few inches up in a bush while Darrius had his low with waves. 
The two had become close in their first few weeks on Campus, almost like brothers. The only thing the two could ever agree on was that they needed to get as many girls as possible on campus. 
Darrius and Tre entered the locker room to get ready for practice when they were greeted by Fitch. 
“Yo y’all goin to the Function later? It’s gonna be mad legs there moe” Fitch said in a thick D.C accent. 
“Bro, what we tell you bout that weird ass D.C. Talk, English man” Darrius said, teasing the Smaller of the three. 
“It’s a party later over at this senior broad house, supposed to be hella bitches. Is that clear enough for you sucka” Fitch said, waving off Darrius. 
“Hell yeah we goin” Tre and Darrius said in unison. 
The trio laughed as they walked onto the court. Fitch noticed the Atalanta guys that had given them issues when they first got on campus. 
Standing at only 5’11, Fitch was far from intimidating and wisely alerted his friends to their presence. The two groups started each other down before the Atalanta guys left the court. 
“Ole punk ass marks” Darrius said with anger. 
“Speak English remember” Fitch said, making fun of Darrius’s Compton accent. 
The three laughed and began practice. 

*Later that night* 
“Bro I know you not wearing that to the party” Tre said as him and Fitch joked Darrius’s outfit. 
“Fuck yal, this clean” Darrius said as he dusted off his red Converse. 
Darrius made sure that his red scarf was hanging from his black jeans. Even though he was far from home, he made sure everyone knew where he was from. 
The all walked over to the party together. They stopped in the convenience store to grab some chips before they proceeded to there. 
“Ayo Tre, what about tall shawty over there?” Darrius said, pointing to the taller of the two caramel girls standing at the register. 
“Go get their number bro, I mean I would but I don’t want to leave Fitch here alone” Darrius said, hiding his fear of rejection. 
“Bro, you a whole gangbanger, how yo ass scared to talk to girls” Tre said as he left the isle to talk to the girls. 
Tre walked up to the girls with charisma, smiling as he sauntered over. Talking to girls had never been a problem for him, he just never had the time for them at home. 
“Hey, wassup my name Tre. Where yal headed from here?” He asked, pulling out his card to pay for the girls stuff. 
“I’m Toya and this is Terry, we headed to that party over in the Calloway Hall dorms. You going?” She asked, sounding slightly eager for his reply. 
“Yeah, me and my boys about to walk over there now. Yal should walk with us.” Tre invited them as he held there bag with their stuff. 
“That sounds fine but what about your friends. They seem a little…shy” Terry said, pointing to Darrius peeking behind the chip rack. 
“Nah, my boys cool. Yo, we out” Tre said, signaling his friends that they were leaving. 
Tre, Darrius, Fitch, Terry, and Toya all left the store together. Fitch, Darrius, and Terry all walked together while Tre and Toya managed to walk ahead of them. 
“So how long you been on campus” Tre asked her. 
She sarcastically replied that the same amount of time as him. They talked for what seemed like hours. He learned everything he could about her. For some reason, he was infatuated with her. 
Behind them, Darrius had began to annoy Terry. Their chemistry wasn’t there and she had become more interested in Fitch talking about his life in Detroit. 
They were almost at the party when a car pulled up beside them. 
“Wassup now pussy” screamed the driver as about 5 guys all wearing blue scarves got out of the trail blazer. 
It was this Atlanta guys again. Tre had never understood why they had a problem with Darrius that day but he saw why now. He immediately stepped in front of Toya. 
“Man you know wassup with me. This Piru shit don’t stop for no Crab ass niggas.” Darrius said as he twisted his fingers in the air. 
Fitch pulled Terry back behind Darrius and stepped beside his friend. 
“Bruh, yal hop back in that car and we go out separate ways. Nobody gotta get hurt over this dumb shit” Tre said, trying to diffuse the situation. 
“Nah where all that hot shit you was talking in the gym?” One of the boys said who’s face was covered with a blue scarf. 
Tre realized it had to be one of his teammates from the locker room that day he helped Darrius. Tre pulled his pants up, preparing to fight. 
“Look, why don’t yal get back in your moms truck before we have to fuck one…” Fitch was cut off by a fist to his jaw. 
Before a more blows could be dealt Darrius pulled out a 44. And aimed it right at The kid who punched Fitch. 
“See we got a problem. That nigga you just punched his my homie. Give me one reason why I shouldn’t end your shit right now” Darrius said while gripping his gun. 
Tre was shocked. He knew Darrius was banging but he didn’t know he had a gun on campus. He didn’t care but he was still shocked. 
The crips backed slowly up to their truck. 
“You got it. We’ll see you again” The driver said while walking to the truck. 
“Darrius put the gun down” Tre said trying to calm his friend who was still holding one of the crips at gunpoint. 
“Ayo Fitch, show this crab how to hit like a real nigga” Darrius said while poking the masked boy with the gun. 
Fitch got up and punched the guy as hard as he could. Darrius put his gun up and the crip ran back to the truck right before it sped off. 
They all laughed as they sapped each other up. Tre turned to see Toya still standing there in shock. 
“You okay?” He asked in a concerned voice. 
“Yeah I’m fine. Thank you for protecting me” she flirted back. 
“I think Terry is warming up to Darrius” Tre said while laughing and pointing towards their friends. 
“She likes hood dudes, him pulling that gun out probably just made him her dream guy” she laughed with Tre. 
They then proceeded to head to the party. Once there they all separated except Tre and Toya. They found a room upstairs and kept up their convo from earlier. 
“So we up here all alone and you only wanna talk” Toya said, making the first move. 
“Well, I won’t lie I’m kind of nervous. I’ve never actually been with someone…like that ya know” Tre said, sounding embarrassed about it for the first time. 
Toya felt a little embarrassed herself, she felt as if she had been too forward. She didn’t want to give Tre a bad impression of her. 
“My bad, I didn’t mean to..” she was interrupted by Tre kissing her. 
She kissed him back and they began to tear at each other’s clothes. He lifted her to the bed and lifted her dress over her waist. They passionately kissed as she freed his dick from his pants. 
Tre stared into Toya’s eyes as he hesitated before entering her. When he did, he took a minute to adjust to the sudden pleasure he felt. Toya was the first girl he had ever been inside of. 
Tre began to to stroke her slowly, as if they were making love. Toya responded to this as her pussy clenched his dick, she became even wetter. 
Tre was in heaven, this is what he had been missing out on. This is what he wanted to feel, inside an out. In the time that he was inside of Toya, he knew she was the one for him. 
Tre pulled out of Toya and crawled down her long, slender frame. He lifted her legs and began to eat her pussy the best way he could. Not a pro by any means, his effort was there as he licked and sucked her juices from her pussy. 
She pull him back up, gripping his bushy hair, and climbed on top of him. Toya then rode his dick like a champ. Moans occasionally slipping from his mouth. He gripped her ass as she wined her hips on him, squeezing his dick with her pussy. 
Tre was in heaven and then it all came crashing down. 
“Yo they jumping Darrius outside” Terry screamed as she bust in on Tre and Toya mid fuck. She paused to take on what she saw before continuing. 
“COME ON GET DRESSED, those same guys came back and their jumping him and Fitch” Terry yelled as Tre ran past her. She looked back to give her friend a devious smile of approval. 
Downstairs Darrius and Fitch were greatly outnumbered. They were both being stomped out in separate parts of the room. Tre grabbed a chair and started swinging at everyone wearing a blue scarf until he got to Fitch. 
One he made sure Fitch was okay, they fought their way to Darrius. They were almost to him when they heard three gunshots go off and everyone scattered. 


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