Lust Series

::::Chapter 9: Full Court Press::::

The buzzing sounds filled the air in the room. The sun peeked through the blinds. The sunlight falling upon the beautiful melanin body in the bed, writhing in the sheets. 
The noise grew a bit louder. The melanin queen in the bed increased her tossing and turning. Her moans escaping her lips, much to her dismay. 
The woman was spread full eagle. Her sweat making her body glisten in the shadowed room. 

“Fuck I’m so close” she told herself out loud, sounding as if she was running out of time. 
“Almost there” the woman said in a whisper. Her body sweating as she slowly creeped towards her climax 
“TOYA WAKE THE HELL UP, YOUR GONNA BE LATE” the voice of her grandmother boomed through the house. 
Toya immediately jumped up and hid her vibrator in the top of her drawer, knowing her grandmother would be burying through her door any second. 
“I was so fucking close” she said, cursing in a whisper as she headed to the bathroom. 
She turned on the shower, making it as cold as possible, hoping to come off edge. While in the shower she had to laugh at her predicament. 

A few months ago she was complaining to her older sister Melanie about her roommate on campus, hoping she would let her move with her to New York. If she had known that she was gonna send her to their grandparents, she would have stayed with her crazy roommate. 

Her roommate wasn’t actually crazy though. Toya had walked in the dorm the first day and saw her roommate hanging up Trump posters. The two hated each other from that very moment. Once Toya saw her wearing an “All Lives Matter” onesie pajama, she knew she had to get out of there. 

It wasn’t all bad at her grandparents though. Her room was almost twice the size of her dorm that she had to share on campus, her grandparents kept the house stocked with everything she could ever need, and they even let her use their car when she needed it. 

The only major complaint was that she couldn’t get some dick to save her life while staying there. Her grandparents would never allow a guy to come over and they would lose their minds if she even thought about staying out past 9. She hated this. 

Toya stepped out of the shower and took a moment to admire her body. At 19, she was a bombshell. Her 5’11 body was toned perfectly from playing basketball through high school and college. Her hazel eyes complimented her caramel complexion. Her C-cups were almost perfect, her nipples the perfect shade of brown. 

She turned and cuffed her ass, it was tight and perky. 

“All this sexiness being wasted on Buzz” she joked, referring to her vibrator. She had named it after noticing that it was green and silver just like Buzz from Toy Story 

She walked out her bathroom and was startled to see her grandmother standing there. 

“Nanna what you doing in here? You almost gave me a heart attack” Toya said, visibly startled 

“Girl you know your class starts at 10am. Every morning I gotta come up here to wake your tail up for school” Nanna said, sounding annoyed. 

Toya sighed, she knew exactly how thing went in the morning. This was the same speech she had been hearing since she moved in. She thought to herself as her Nanna spoke while she got dressed. 

Her class started at 10:30, not 10am as her Nanna has said. She knew what time she had to get there, she was never late. Every morning at 8am she would wake Toya up as if she was late. 

Toya slid her sweatshirt over her head and kissed her Nanna goodbye as she ran downstairs to avoid the rest of her morning speech. 

Toya walked into the kitchen and grabbed a Gatorade. She went to grab a bag of chips but was interrupted by someone clearing their throat. 

“Somebody has a scout coming to their game and practice today if I’m not mistaken, am I right?” Her Grandad spoke up without looking up from his paper. 

Toya didn’t even attempt to debate him, she grabbed an apple from the bowl of fruit next to the chips. 

“That’s my Tater Tot” her grandad said. 

“I’m 19 now grandad, im not your tot” she said, sounding irritated. 

“Yeah well as long as your black and breathing you’ll be my Tater Tot” her laughed as he leaned back in his chair. 

Toya smiled as she left the house and headed to campus. 
“Bruh, coach is getting on my last fucking nerve man” Terry said as she threw her shirt against the locker. 

Terry was Toya’s Bestfriend and Rollie since they touched down on campus. The two were inseparable on campus and almost unbeatable on the court. 

“Calm down T, it’s not that bad. Besides, you know we have that big game coming up. He just wants us to be ready” Toya said trying to calm her friend down. 

“Man fuck him.” Terry said, slamming her locker shut. 

Toya’s mind stuck on her friend’s words. She would love to fuck her coach. Honestly, she thinks Terry would too. Actually, it would probably be hard to find a girl on campus that wouldn’t fuck the coach. 

He was 6’7 and cut from stone. Coach Bishop was every girls wet dream. Though he was strict as fuck, everyone watched his print whenever he go on the court to help them practice. 

“TOYA!” Terry shouted, snapping her friend back to reality. 

“Ya nasty ass thinking about Coach B against ain’t you? Ya nasty ass” Terry joked with her friend, hitting her with a towel. The two laughed as they headed for the showers. 

Toya washed the sweat from practice off as she let the hot water hit her body. The water poured over her face and she opened her eyes. She looked around and paused. 

Terry was showering as well. What caught her off guard was that she noticed how fine her friend was.

Terry was just as tall as her and usually wore her hair in braids when they practiced. Though she had it out while they showered. Her skin was golden, her parents being black and Dominican. Her breast were small but her ass was heavenly. 

Toya had to catch herself. While she was no stranger to experimenting with girls, Terry was her homie. She needed some dick badly, she was starting to lose it. 
Toya was leaving the gym with Terry when Coach Bishop called her. 

“Toya let me speak to you in the office please” he said as he walked into his office. 

“Ohhh bitch you better get it” Terry teased as she twirled her hips. 

Toya laughed with her friend and went into the office. 

“Wassup coach?” Toya asked as she came in and took a seat. 

“Listen. Your one of my best players. You and Terry are damn near unbeatable together but we have a problem. Your Physics professor recommends that you be pulled from the team” Coach Bishop said with remorse. 

“WHAT THE FUCK, I’m not even failing her class coach.” Toya said with anger. 

“She said you been distracted and that your barley making the grade to play.” Coach said, with concern in his voice. 

“So this mean I can’t play?” Toya asked with tears in her eyes. 

The coach stood up and walked around to comfort her. 

“No, you can play. I just need you to get it together.” He said, placing his hand on her shoulder. 

Toya froze. She didn’t know if the coach meant it but she could feel his dick on her back. She slid down in her chair, feeling it on her back. Her pussy throbbing at the thought of fucking her coach. 

“Listen Toya, if you need someone to talk to or help with anything. Just let me know” Coach said

Then without thinking, Toya grabbed his dick through his shorts. Maybe it was the fact that she was in a drought or maybe it was cause she had been wanting to break out of her shell since high school, but whatever it was snapped inside of her. 

“Toya!” Coach said. 

“You said you would help coach” Toya said stroking his massive dick through his shorts. 

“Toya this is wrong. We can’t do this. Stop now” the coach said, never making a move to actually stop her. 

Toya slid out of the chair and pulled the coaches shorts down to his ankles. Her eyes grew big. 

In front of her was the biggest dick that she’d ever seen. It had to be at least 10 inches and as thick as her wrist. 

She grabbed it with both hands and began sucking on the head. Coach Bishop grabbed her head with both of his hands. However, instead of stopping her he began to guide more of his dick into her mouth. 

“Toya this is wrong. We can’t do this” he said as he palmed her head. 

Toya couldn’t respond because his monster was in her mouth. She could barely take half of it into her mouth but she was doing her best with what she could suck. 

Toya pulled his dick from her mouth, her spit covering it and licked from the base to the tip of it. She spit on the head and went back to trying to suck on the beast of a dick. 

“Stop!” Coach said as he paused her motions by grabbing her head. 

He back up, his dick sliding out her mouth, and walked to lock his office door. He turned around and lifted Toya by her shoulders on to the weight bench on the other side of his office. 

Toya, being 5’11, was dripping from this alone. She had never had someone able to handle her like that. He laid her on the bench. He put his large arm under her to raise her ass in the air. 

Coach Bishop then pulled her sweatpants down. He then placed his tongue directly on her asshole and began to swirl and probe. Toya had heard stories of Ass eating from Terrie but she had never had it done to her personally. 

His tongue was strong as it slid up and down her ass, pressing at her asshole. Toya could resist as her juices ran down her thighs, she began to cum. Shortly after, he cupped her pussy. He used his finger to move in circles on her clit slowly. Her first orgasm was quickly followed by another. 

She was in pure ecstasy as Coach Bishop , a man almost twice her age, tongued her ass while he played with her clit. She felt herself drooling as he began to alternate between her ass and pussy. 

“Get ready” she heard him say, his words not registering while she was in euphoria. 
She then felt what she meant as he began to slide his massive dick inside of her. Surprisingly, he went in with ease. His oral prep must have been the perfect pregame. 

He had about half of his dick inside of her before he began to stroke slowly. His thick dick sliding in and out of her at a slow but steady pace, while he held her by her hips with his muscular hands. 

She was numb from the pleasure. Almost immediately she began creaming on his dick. Her pussy was soaking her sweats around that were still around her knees. She came over and over as Coach Bishop fucked her slow and steady with his monster of a dick. 

Her entire body started to feel numb with pleasure. Her eyes got heavier and she faded to black. 

When she woke up she was out front of her grandparents house. She looked around and she was in the coaches car but he wasn’t there. She sat up and looked around, then she heard his voice. 

“Again I’m sorry about the mix up, practice ran late today because of the big game coming up. I didn’t want her catching a ride so I gave her a ride. She’s sleeping in the front seat” coach Bishop told her grandfather. 

“Ahhh that’s my girl. Worked so hard you exhausted yourself huh tater tot” her grandfather shouted over to the car when he saw her looking around. 

“Holy fuck, what happened” Toya thought to herself. The last thing she remembered was sliding back and forth on the coach’s dick before things went black. 

Toya got out of the car and walked to the house. She locked eyes with Coach Bishop, almost blushing at the thought. 

“You get some rest kid, we’re gonna be practicing hard every day until the game” coach Bishop said rubbing her shoulder. Her pussy got wet at his touch. 

“See you guys later, again sorry for the inconvenience” coach said as he walked away to his car. 

Toya went to her room and showered. She checked her phone and she had 10 text messages. 8 were from her crazy grandmother asking where she was and where the remote was to the tv. The other two were from her sister and Terry. 
From: TerryπŸ€˜πŸΎπŸ™ŒπŸΎβ›ΉπŸ½β€β™€οΈπŸ€

You better get it bitchhhhhhhhhhhh lol 
“Fuck does she know?” Toya thought in panic. Her friend must’ve just been joking, it’s no way she could no. She opened the message from her sister. 
From: Big Sis

Hey, Try not to make Nanna worry so much. I put some money in your account. I can’t wait for you to come out here for break 😘
She figured she could at least respond to her sister. She does a lot for her and she tries to make sure she knows she’s appreciated. 
To: Big Sis 

She be geeking sis lol but I got you. And thanks a million, I appreciate it a lot. Can’t wait to see you Melanie 😘

::::END CHAPTER 9:::: 


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