Lust Series

::::CHAPTER 8 – Do it for the culture::::

“Montoya, you got somebody in interrogation room 6.” The police chief yelled from across the room. “I didn’t collar anyone today, that’s not mine” officer Montoya said to the Chief. 

“Some black guy, says he’ll only talk to you. Won’t tell us what he’s confessing to unless he talks to you. Must be a black thing” Chief Pale said, ignoring how racist it sounded 

Irritated, officer Montoya stormed towards the interrogation room just to get away from her racist superior. 

When she entered the room she was shocked at who her so called confessing criminal was. 

“Oh cmon, I know your not shocked to see me. I mean, after you put that pussy on me you had to have been expecting me right?” Chris said boldly with an arrogant smirk on his face. 

“What the fuck are you doing here” officer Montoya said angrily as she slammed the door to the interrogation room. 

“What? I just wanted to see you again. Please don’t mind my stalker-ish ways, just had to see you” Chris said, still confident. 

“Well I don’t want see you. Thanks for the dick, don’t you have some white woman to go chuck and jive for?” Officer Montoya said, mocking Chris for only dating white women. 

Chris chuckled at her comment. 

“Yeah, I deserve that. However I will state that everyone’s entitled to have preferences. Though mine were for the wrong reasons. I want to change that though.” Chris said while leaning back in his chair. 

“Nah I’m okay, I’d rather not be your black fetish doll. You can show yourself out” officer Montoya said as she turned to leave the room. 

Chris pulled out his phone and played a video. Shortly after sounds of officer Montoya telling Chris to fuck her could be heard in the room. Montoya immediately turned back around and lunged across the desk at Chris. 

“Give me that fucking phone or else” Montoya said, threatening Chris. 

“Whoa whoa whoa, calm down girl. Listen this video goes away as long as you do something for me” Chris said taunting her with the phone. 

“Oh if you think I’m fucking you for that video then you can forget it Captain Coon” Montoya said folding her arms, locking her eyes in a death stare at Chris. 

“What? No you have the wrong idea. I just want the chance to take you out. Go on a date with me and I’ll delete the video” Chris said with a pleasing look on his face as he held the phone up. 

Officer Montoya stood unnerved. She knew Chris had some big balls but to pull something like this is just crazy. She could probably just lock him up but that wouldn’t get rid of the video, she was stuck. 

“One date, one fucking date and the video is gone. You delete it and I swear to god if I see you after that I will put you under the jail myself” Montoya spat the words to Chris with anger and aggression, never breaking eye contact. 

“Well then, guess I’m all done here. Here’s my number” Chris slid a piece of paper across the table. 

“Text me your address, I’ll pick you up tomorrow at 8. I hope you like seafood ” Chris said as he put on his Adidas jacket that matched his track pants. 

Chris turned around to her as he opened the door to leave. 

“And I saw you staring at my dick when I walked past you, save it for tomorrow” Chris chuckled as he shut the door. 

Officer Montoya stood there both frustrated and embarrassed. She had let him out smart her. Not only that she had been caught checking him out. She took a moment to collect herself as she walked back into the station. 
::::THE NEXT DAY::::
Bzzz bzzz

Chris reached from under his covers to grab his phone. Without looking at the screen, he answered it. 

“Yo this C, who this B” Chris stated his usual greeting. 

“Your really making it difficult to not hate your soul by being that corny” officer Montoya’s voice came through the phone. 

Chris jumped up and stood on his bed, completely naked. 

“Oh um, hey wassup girl” Chris stuttered, trying to sound smooth. 

“Your taking me to Shirley’s for dinner. You’ll pay for my uber there and afterwards you’ll pay for my uber home. You give off stalker vibes so you can’t know where I live” Officer Montoya told Chris with confidence. 

“Whatever you want officer, the night is yours to enjoy” Chris shot back flirtatiously. 

“And my name is Nae, see you at 8am sharp. Dress nice” and with that’s Nae hung up the phone. 

Chris couldn’t describe this feeling he had in his stomach. Was it nervousness? Why the hell did she make him feel like a high school boy again. Chris was intrigued with her. 

“Nae Montoya” Chris thought to himself. 

He looked over to see his elderly neighbor Mrs.Monroe staring from her condo at him standing ass naked on his bed. Chris dove to the floor and crawled to the bathroom. 
::::THAT NIGHT::::
Nae exited her Uber and walked towards the entrance to Shirley’s. she loved eating here coming up for two reasons. The first being that this was one of the only black owned 5 star restaurants in the city and the other being that they had the best steak on the east coast. She looked around for Chris, low key anxious to see him. 

“Looking for me?” A voice spoke from shin her. 

Nae turned around to see Chris in all black with a red tie. His fitted black blazer complimenting his muscular frame as his right hand held a single rose. She eyed him from head to toe in shock. 

“What? This isn’t fancy enough? The lady at the store said this was fancy” Chris said, showing nervousness. 

“No no, your fine” Nae’s eyes trailing down to his dick print as shit reassured him. 

“Well let’s get inside, I called ahead and reserved us a table” Chris said as he put his arm out for Nae to grab. 

The pair walked into the restaurant arm and arm. Nae was shocked at how formal Chris was and the way he was treating their date, considering he blackmailed her to get here. 

The waiter sat the two down and presented the house Champagne for them. He poured them each a glass and then departed. 

“I must say Chris, if you weren’t such a stalker I might actually be impressed with all of this” Nae said as she sipped her champagne. 

“Okay, maybe finding out where you worked was a LITTLE creepy but it wasn’t as bad as you think” Chris said while chuckling. 

“Just had to got to every police department in the city, until I found an officer Montoya to confess too” Chris said laughing. 

Nae couldn’t help but laugh at his foolishness. She stared at his smile. 

“Get it together, this nigga is blackmailing you” she thought to herself. 

“So Nae, why a cop?” Chris asked, interrupting her train of thought. 

“What do you mean” Nae replied, trying to figure out his angle. 

“Well I mean you could have been anything from an actress to a model, what made you choose being a model?” Chris asked staring directly into her eyes, still smiling. 

“Well actually I was a nursing student. I ended up going to the academy on a dare, trying to take a risk in my life” Nae said, laughing at how foolish she must’ve sounded. 

“Interesting, you don’t strike me as the type that needs to take a risk.” Chris said. 

“Oh? What type do I strike you as?” Nae said, partially offended. 

“Well I mean, to me you seem like you could have the world at your feet if you wanted. You just seem like you don’t have to take too many risks” Chris retorted. 

Nae was quiet. She had never really had someone compliment her like this. Nobody had ever gone past her looks to get to know the real her. 

“Hey listen, I deleted that video as soon as you agreed to this date. There are no copies or anything, just wanted to point that out.” Chris said as he laid the napkin on his lap. 

Nae paused in confusion. Why would he do that? 

“So what’s stopping me from walking of here right now?” Nae asked, confused as to why he would delete the video but relieved he did. 

“Well for one, you’d have to wait for an uber outside. Two, your gonna miss out on some really good steak. Three, I was hoping I would.” Chris said as the waiter brought their food. 

The pair ate and shared stories over a steak dinner. They laughed and got to know each other. Nae paused and spoke. 

“You know what’s crazy, that whole car thing isn’t usually me. That was actually my first time trying that” she said, blushing. 

“Really? Could’ve fooled me. What made you try it?” Chris asked curiously. 

“My home girl Bree said I was too worked up and way too shy. She said I should grab the first big black dick I see and get a nut off” Nae said embarrassed. 

Chris laughed. Nae followed suit. Soon the pair was finished their food. 

“So, did you want desert?” Chris asked looking at the menu. 

He then felt Nae’s hand gripping his dick. 

“I don’t think they have what I want on the menu” she said seductively. 

“Thought you were shy” Chris asked with a smirk

“I am, you do something to me.” Nae said, stroking his dick through his pants. 

Chris called for the check and paid. They exited the restaurant and called an uber. They both entered the car and began kissing all over each other. 

“My dick is about to rip my pants.” Chris said, warning her. 

“Well let’s set him free, besides the first nut is always the quickest right?” Nae said as she pulled Chris’s dick out in the back of the uber and began sucking it. 

She wasted no time trying to be cute about it. She attempted to take the full length of his dick in her mouth from the start. She locked her lips around his thick dick and bobbed her head up and down. Her mouth letting out spit as she licked his dick while she sucked. 

Before she realized it the sounds of her sucking Chris’s dick could be heard by the driver, who was enjoying the show from the mirror. She noticed him watching and put full effort into her head. Licking, slurping, and stroking his dick to make him cum. Chris came in full force into her mouth A she sucked every drop. 

“Ugh your here” the driver said, clearing his throat to get their attention. The couple laughed and exited the vehicle.

Once inside Chris’s apartment they were all over each other. 




They were inseparable. Chris grabbed her and there her onto the bed. 

“Allow me to return the favor” Chris said as he yanked up her dress and pulled her panties off with one fell swoop. 

Chris buried his face in her pussy. Immediately sucking on her clit while teasing her lips with his fingers. Her long chocolate legs were wide apart as she watched Chris eat her pussy like an animal 

*beep beep beep* *beep beep beep* 

Nae looked over and saw it was Bree face timing her. She was about to put the phone down until she felt Chris’s lips leave her clit. 

“answer it” he said with a smile and went back to eating her chocolate pussy. 

Nae answered the call. 

“Yo I swear I hate VA. It’s so boring and I swear my baby father blowing my life. What you up to?” Bree said, unaware that her friend was receiving head that would make even the strongest woman moan. 

“Just finishing up my date with Chris” she said in a shaky voice. 

“Oh that fine as stalker nigga? Ooo bitch what happened?” Bree asked being nosey. 

Nae had a kinky idea. 

“He still here. You want to say hi?” She asked her friend, flipping the camera around. 

“BIIITTTCCCHHHHH….hi Chris” Bree yelled into the phone. 

Chris waved hello as he placed his thumb on her clit and slid his pink into her ass. He made circular motions on her clit while kissing and sucking her thighs. Nae couldn’t take it anymore and squirted hard. 

“Bitch how you do that?” Bree voice could be heard on the phone. 

Nae lay there exhausted from her intense orgasm, oblivious to her friend. 



Nae looked up to see that Chris had hand cuffed her to the bed post. 

“What’s this” Nae asked, both scared and curious 

“I don’t like runners” Chris said as he walked behind Nae. 

Nae arched her back and propped herself up on her elbows. 

“Who said I’m running” she said as she looked back at Chris. 

Chris slid his dick up and down her dripping wet chocolate pussy. He began stroking with half his length. 

“That’s all you got” Nae said, her voice trembling. 

Chris slid his entire dick into her and began pounding her from behind. Nae’s elbows gave out. She put her face in the pillow as Chris slid in and out of her pussy. The sounds of her creaming on his dick didn’t help things. 

Just as Nae was about to tap out she heard Bree yell. 

“Bitch you better not tap out. Take that dick like a champ and show that nigga you run that shit” her foul mouthed friend shouted over the FaceTime call. 

Suddenly Nae propped her elbows back up and started throwing her ass back on him. She matched his strokes and thrust back with each one. 

Soon Chris was pulling out of her, shooting his nut all over her and the bed. His knees buckled as stream after stream covered her body. 

“That’s my bitch. Ain’t no dick gonna control us. I knew you was a freak girl. I shou-” Nae hung up the FaceTime call after being freed from the cuffs. 

She heard the shower running. Chris opened the bathroom door. 
::::END CHAPTER 8 – Do it for the culture::::


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